Cargo transportation by railway

Cargo transportation by railway allows for cargo transport over long distances; it is suitable for transporting large and heavy cargo and is also the cheapest form of transport. Cargo is transported by railways in various wagons: high-sided wagons, covered and tank wagons, intermodal railcars, grain cars and marine containers. Cargo transportation by railway makes it possible to transport standard and oversized cargo.

Cargo transport by railway has the following advantages over other means of transportation:

  • transport of oversized cargos and cargos that do not comply with technical loading conditions (the kind of cargo that is complicated to transport by road);
  • the possibility to transport various goods at any time of year;
  • an optimal solution for large cargos, taking into consideration that one rail transport carries many more goods compared to other means of transport;
  • a way to reduce freight costs;
  • the possibility to transport cargo to distant countries and cities.
Cargo transportation by railway includes:
  • prompt analysis of forwarding orders;
  • organization of carriage depending on dates, route and type of cargo;
  • transport of multimodal and intermodal cargo by railways;
  • cargo loading and fastening;
  • tracking of cargo, wagons and containers;
  • completion of legal documents, declaration of cargo, processing of customs and transport documents;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs formalities;
  • representation of customers at railway stations;
  • payment of railway tariffs while transporting within Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan etc;
  • cargo warehousing and preparation for further transportation;
  • competent advice on all issues connected to rail logistics.

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