1001 ways to deliver your cargo
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Information about wagons

  • Covered wagon
  • Specialised half-carriage
  • Hopper wagon
  • Marine containers

Covered wagon

Covered wagons are used for transportation of packeged goods on pallets, loose goods in sacks, goods that can tolerate atmospheric effects. Detailed information.

Specialised half-carriage

Specialised half-carriages (180 m3) are used for transportation of massive bulk cargo (breakstone, coal, iron ore), bulk cargo in stacks (wood, construction materials, metal constructions, various constructions. Detailed information.

Hopper wagon

Hopper wagons are used for transportation of massive bulk freight – grain and cereal crops. Detailed information.

Marine containers

Cargo transported

Agricultural products
Grain, sugar, potatoes, various raw materials
Raw materials, woodchips, logs, timber, wood pellets

Different raw material
Sand, rubble, polymers, minerals, heavy vehicle tires
Heavy machinery, tires, massive construction, equipment
and other vehicles
Oill products
and other minerals
Household appliances
Household, electrical appliances, furniture
metal fittings and construction



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